Friday, April 27, 2018
By Joe Kirby
Be Careful when Changing your Address - SCAM ALERT

She likes to do most things on-line versus standing in line, so she went onto USPS's site to fill out a change of address form.  She was shocked the price went up so much for changing her address, but went ahead and filled out the on-line form as well as her credit card information.  She got a confirmation number.

Having to mail something yesterday, she asked the clerk why the huge increase in changing her address, and they stated there is another web site that LOOKS like theirs, that charges $39.95 (versus the $1 the post office charges) and they forward this information to the Post Office.  This will absolutely get the change of address done, but this middle person is collecting LOTS of dollars from their victims!  My buyer was going to dispute the charges, but what happens with her mail then?  There is no phone number on this web site, and the email listed on this site is bogus.  You get sucked in.....

So, bottom line --- BE SURE you are on the Official United State Postal Service site before you enter a credit card, and the fee is JUST $1, not $39.95!