Tuesday, June 6, 2017
By Kik Poon
Benefits of Home Staging

Home Staging Benifits

Staging does two important things for your home: it emphasizes the positive features your home has to offer, and it postures your home to appeal to a larger sector of the current buying market than if you hadn’t staged the home.

When staging a home you must concentrate on how buyers view the home, not how homeowners live in the space, while creating an atmosphere the buyer can visualize themselves living in.  The  “Do It Yourself” television craze and social media websites like Pinterest have created a very savvy market.   Buyers are no longer satisfied with searching for houses that leave everything up to the imagination. 

First Impressions

Let’s start with Curb Appeal.  You don’t need to go overboard and you shouldn’t worry if you’re listing your home before your Azaleas have started to bloom.  Nice, clean lines with a little edging along the driveway, weeded and mulched beds, a colorful potted plant (no fake flowers, please) on the front steps and maybe a fresh coat of paint on the mail box or front door if you need it.  Any obvious repairs to the front and visible parts of the sides of your home (like cleaning mold off your siding) really need to be done before a sign goes in the yard.  A lot of buyers will do "drive-buys" before they ever contact a real estate agent, so if your house doesn’t grab them from the curb, you may be limiting the number of potential buyers before they even get inside.

Once Inside

Once inside the home you want to immediately capture a welcoming feeling.  Whatever they see when they first walk in has to set a great  impression.  A well staged home will maximize space and minimize personalization.  There is a fine line between depersonalizing and a cold "showroom" feel.   One of the easiest things you can do is maximize your lighting.  Turn all lights on and open all your drapes and blinds.   


De-cluttering throughout the house really can’t be over-emphasized.  Think of walking into a home that has the owner’s pictures all over the fridge, the bookshelves are cluttered, and the dogs toys are scattered around.  You need buyers to see the home and not the stuff in it.   Now imagine that same space with a universal color scheme, minimal accessories on the shelves, minimal personal photos, and a little trendy décor here and there.  This is the home that speaks to the buyer.


A key factor when staging a home is the ability to translate the space into the pictures buyers see online.  Since 98% of buyers start their home search online…and most buyers have been looking at homes online for months before they finally decide to take the next step in the buying process and contact an agent…it is CRITICAL that your home’s online image tells them to get off their computer and come see this house NOW!

The bottom line is... home staging will  help you sell your home Quickly and for the Highest Price. There may be an initial cost to you, usually less then a mortgage payment, which you may wind up paying had you not staged your home.