Tuesday, April 24, 2018
By Joe Kirby
How Many Homes Should You See before Making an Offer?

How many should you see before making an offer, especially considering a house is a huge investment?

The answer is.... there's no magic number!

It depends on your personal circumstances and what you're looking for. The right number of properties to view will be different for each person. For some, finding the right home comes quickly while for others, it can take much longer.

Tips on streamlining your house hunting process:

1. Identify your priorities

2. Determine what you can afford

3. Work with the right agent. Looking for your next home can be a confusing and exhausting experience if you don’t have the right agent. 

The truth is people generally don’t select a house; they fall in love with it. You will know when you find the right home. There is a gut feeling and a connection when you find the right home. Trust your judgment.