Thursday, July 26, 2018
By Austin Lamitina
Vacation home rentals on the RISE!

Want to own a second home but don't know where to start or where to look? Not sure if the juice is worth the squeeze? Owning a vacation home in Orlando is an absolute no-brainer. Consider the juice already squeezed. With Orlando trending in the top 3 for growth, there is no shortage of visitors year round. This means that your vacation home will be rented full time when you're not using it with family. Home to SEVEN of the world's top theme parks, Orlando is No. 1 in family vacation destination. With Orlando being Theme Park Capital of the World it is the most visited destination in the United States.

Owning a successful rental in the Central Florida area has much to do with investing in homes that are BRAND NEW. This means little to no worry for you. BRAND NEW means nothing is worn/used, everything is new, AND you get warranties that come with the home. But most of all the customer experience is a special as possible. Data tells us that a home rented just 75% of the year will yeild almost $60,000, deduct insurance/taxes and the home pays for itself. 

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