Thursday, May 10, 2018
By Joe Kirby
Why Is It So Hard to Sell Your Home?

Selling Your Home? Life isn't always as you see it. When you see the same thing every day, you get comfortable. We get so used to seeing things the same way, we don't always see what others see. Think of your home as ice cream. You like chocolate. I like strawberry, Your kids like bubble gum ice cream, and some people hate ice cream. It's like that way with houses too. Buying and selling houses, is all about taste, preference, cost, location, style, cleanliness, and functionality. It's okay to be unique, but not everyone is unique. That's why, it's important to listen to your Real Estate Agent who goes into homes more frequently than you go shopping for groceries. 


When you have guests over for dinner, do you really think they are going to pick apart your house and say they don't like your house? Of course not! They may say something behind your back, but definitely not to your face - at least real friends won't. 

They may like how you cook, but it doesn't mean they like your kitchen or dining area. Because real friends don't do that, you may think your home is perfect just the way it is, and every buyer that comes into your home will fall in love with it. But that's not really what happens.


  • You may see a pretty shade of blue - Blue may cause them to feel blue
  • You may like candles - They may think you're masking an odor
  • You may prefer carpet - They may want tile or wood
  • You may like dark curtains - They may want the light to shine in
  • You may think collectibles makes great decor - They may see clutter
  • You may think everyone loves pets - They may not think so
  • You may think your interior is great - They may hate the curb appeal
  • You may think you have high end furnishings - They don't care
  • You may think your house is clean - They think otherwise


  • Make your house marketable to sell - You don't want to live there forever
  • Listen to your Real Estate Agent - Trust is a must
  • Price it right, right from the start
  • Get out of the house - It stays cleaner that way too