Tuesday, May 8, 2018
By Joe Kirby
Why Isn’t My House Getting any Showings?

As a home seller, you hope to get your house listed and receive an offer, then a contract within days thereafter.

Does that happen often? You bet it does! However, real estate is local and every market is different. We can’t possibly compare Clermont FL real estate market to Los Angeles area. Good news is if your house is receiving showings, the price is most likely right but there may be other reasons why you haven’t received any offers.

-NO Showings- As a homeowner/seller, you should be in the loop as to how your agent communicates with other agents. Do they return calls and text messages? Are they easy to get a hold of?  As a seller, do not restrict showing times/days. Buyers are out looking at homes seven days a week, morning, noon and after five pm. Be flexible and have your house ready to show!

-Photos- It’s a fact that most buyers begin their search online and the first thing they see are the photos of your house. Buyers are interested in seeing the house, not your personal belongings. It’s not a good impression when the reflection of the person taking the photos are visible in the mirrors, TV on, toilet seat up, toys scattered all over the house. It sends a message that the house is not well kept. 

-Overpriced Listing- Did you hire your agent based on their suggested list price? Did your agent go with the price you wanted rather than fair market value? If you answered “YES” to these questions, your home might be overpriced. Remember, buyers are savvy and they know how much your house is worth before they ever step into the house. You have two choices, wait until the market catches up to your price or reduce it now. The choice is yours!